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the pipeline

The Specular Images pipeline includes 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering, and compositing. We pride ourselves on the ability to utilize every aspect of 3D production and continually look to explore and test new ways to help our clients best express their story.

the services

We specialize in several styles and designs that range from photo-realistic to a more conceptual look. This flexibility allows us to give our clients world-class computer graphics that align perfectly with their concept, message and goals.


3D architectural renderings enable your clients view projects with accurately scaled and photo-real detail. Architectural visualization provides a foundation for which the client can more confidently make informed decisions about the design. Specular Images provides more than just production quality images but also creative feedback through the entire project development.


Production level 3D renderings provide a means to present interior design ideas. Our work enables your clients to explore various concepts for a single project quickly and efficiently with little to no hassle on your end. 3D photo-real visualizations prove to be invaluable in meetings, pitches and presentations.


Utilizing photo-realistic renders, you are able to showcase residential and commercial development projects in predetermined weather and lighting conditions that provide accurate (to scale) and attractive visualizations to potential clients which will help to sell the project long before physical completion.


Pre-Production product rendering enables clients to present photo-real visualizations before they are manufactured. Our team provides a service that enables clients to display their product across various media outlets and take pre-orders through online stores.

product advertisers

3D renderings are a compelling presentation of your work, essential to promotion/marketing and maintaining investors and clients. We provide a cost and time effective method of product advertisement that enables the visionary(client) to make changes that would not otherwise be possible. Our multi-step design and revision process encourages a much more personal and polished final product. Our team takes out the headache of  after-build changes, as all possibilities are able to be viewed in advance of the project’s physical manifestation.


While working and providing commercial work, we also focus on our own independent goals to produce original content and ideas. These independent projects help us to evolve in technical and artistic skills for future commercial projects.


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