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why 3D visualization?


  • No retouching - Photographers charge a fee for retouching to remove flaws or distractions. 3D images are created according to the design of the client. Requiring no touch up.

  • Controlled conditions - Photographers are at the mercy of weather conditions. Thus increasing wait time and set up. With 3D, all environmental conditions are created and controlled. Adding one more customization option for the client and taking no extra time.

  • Staging - Photography requires a great deal of setup and planning. Specifically moving and organizing furniture/products to get the proper composition; which can be time consuming. All this can be done in minutes with a few clicks when using 3D software, saving time and money!


Avoidable Complications:

  • Perfect images every time - Unlike photographs, which can suffer from color cast issues, 3D images always produce proper color balance and exposure.

  • Lighting - Here in chicago, every day won't be 75 degrees and sunny. Resulting in less than optimal and highly unpredictable lighting conditions for photographers unless they are using an expensive studio setup. With 3D rendering, lighting is never an issue. A scene can be lit with any mood and at anytime of day regardless of the weather and at no extra cost or time.


Cost Effective:

  • Making changes - Months down the road, if you feel like making edits or ordering a different angle, it will be near impossible to recreate with a photograph. 3D scenes and objects can be reworked and re rendered when requested at any time.

  • Lower Cost - Traditional photography requires set up, break down, lighting, equipment rental, correct environment and touch up. All of which require time and preparation. A photography shoot that costs thousands, may only produce one good image. While 3D visualizations enable more flexibility and costs far less.


Unique Use:

  • New Products/Prototypes/Pre Product Launch - 3D images can bridge the game from concept to marketing. Images can be produced for marketing before a product is developed.

  • Scenario visualization - 3D images enable engineers, and architects to identify potential design and quality issues that they may not have otherwise predicted.

  • Versatility - One of the biggest advantages of using 3D visualization is its effectiveness to showcase the variety of colors, textures, arrangements, and products with minimal effort, time, and cost. Rendering’s flexibility allows for easy updates at any point during and after the project.


the workflow


Reach out to about your project and timeframe.


We get back to you with a few questions about your design and send you a proposal.


We collaborate until you are confident enough to finalize a design.

WE Get to work/review

We get to work right away and allow for a set number of revision rounds to make sure your feedback is addressed.


We get your approval and deliver your final design.


Reach our team at and provide information on the type of project and timeframe you would like to have created.


We get back to you with a few questions about the design and send you a proposal.


We will collaborate with you to determine the best design for your needs. Once you feel confident in a design and finalize it, we start to work.


We get to work right away and begin the first draft to be reviewed in stage 1


We send over a preliminary draft render about 50% of the way for review and make adjustments according to your comments in case of need.


We get your approval.


Finally your design is complete. We send it to you! Enjoy!